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Welcome to neotacular | Forums

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The Next Plot step is out!

The first thing you need to do is visit the rock quarry and click at the top of the path.
user posted image

Next click on the lighter colored square at the bottom of the rock wall:
user posted image

Then you should click on the medallion that the Minitheus is guarding.

user posted image
Sadly, you are not worthy of the medallion...

Be sure to click continue, and NOT back.

Next you should visit Farmer Follies and refresh until you get this message (I got it on the first load)

Farmer Follies waves as you approach. "Hello there! Are you from the Altadorian Water Department? The irrigation ditches near my farm have been filling up awfully quickly! If the water flow doesn't slow down, I'm going to lose my crops! FARMING DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY!"

Then you'll want to visit the water plant to help them out. It is located here
user posted image

Click on the open door to help out the Water Department:
user posted image

For now all we can say is play with the controls until you get it. No set pattern has been found. Nothing bad will happen, if you mess up you'll get this:
user posted image
And a message saying that the safety features saved altador from flooding.

You'll eventually get it right!
user posted image

Now you should go back to the Minitheus through the same route as above: Rock Quary, Wall, Light Spot.

Click on one of the gems on the main part of the amulet to get the next constellation.
user posted image

Then you should visit the archivist, who is concerned.

Then find your coordinates and plot them.

Click here to see the result

After you've found the constellation the Janitor says:
The janitor shouts, "HEY!! Why are the lights off?! I was having fun looking at them, all shiny and stuff... RAAARGHH!! IT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OFF!!"
And indeed if you look, they ARE all off...

The Archivist says:
The archivist says, "And, at last, we come to Jerdana. The 'Protector.' Indeed!" he scoffs.

He peers out into the lobby, and then softly closes the door. "I don't know whether you've noticed this, but the lights above the statues in the Hall of Heroes are no longer lit. None of them, not even Jerdana's. From what I gather, this happened about the time that you took that necklace from its pedestal." He shakes his head. "I'm guessing that the necklace was the power source for the magic that have been providing you with the clues to this puzzle. And, apparently, magically powered the gems in the ceiling of the Hall of Heroes. That accounts for half the mysterious magic, at any rate. The other half, that which has stolen our history, remains as strong as ever."

He pauses for a moment, listening, and then continues. "I trust that you have kept this to yourself. We must uncover this riddle before Jerdana learns of our efforts. It is our only chance to reverse the effects of the spell, and return our stolen history to us."

He peeks out the door. "I should do research in the main archives. I left them unlocked once before, by accident, but this time I'll leave them open for you if you want to wander around."

I smell another maze puzzle...

And finally the Astronomy Club says:
The Wocky, Korbat, and Buzz manage to hold the Blumaroo. He seems extremely upset. "Unhand me, you vermin!" he shouts. "You'll never get away with this! This is my club! Mine!"

The Buzz notices something, and yells. "Look! There's something sticking out of his toga!" Indeed, there seems to be a little green flap poking out the back of his toga...

Oh my, another step!

Click on "Pull the Flap" at the club.

You then get this message:
user posted image
The Blumaroo's face is a MASK! You pull it off to reveal that dastardly Quiggle!

The Astronomy Club members gasp in shock. "Goodness! It's Old Man Withers, from the Herbalism, Mining, Underwater Basket Weaving, Engineering, Alchemy, and Dance Clubs! He must have been trying to subvert the only other club in Altador that actually had any members!"

The Quiggle seethes at you. "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you darn kids!"

The Wocky harrumphs. "Well, your evil plan, whatever it is, has been foiled. Off with you! I don't ever want to see you in here again!" She shoves the Quiggle out the door and slams it behind him. "Good riddance!"

The Wocky turns back to you and nods. "Thanks for your help in getting rid of him. I can't believe what a sourpuss he turned out to be. Well, the club charter states that the club's Vice President -- that's me -- becomes President in case the President can no longer fulfill his duties. Sorry if you thought that job would go to you, but that's not how it works." She shrugs.

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