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Welcome to neotacular | Forums

Visit the Forums!
Visit the Forums!

The snowager is asleep! Click here to visit him.

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NOTE: If at any point in this process you get dumped back to an "empty room" page you'll need to go back to the main colliseum page and start over. It APPEARS to change about every hour, so if it's close to the end of an hour I'd wait.

You can now visit the colliseum (click the link or the highlighted location on the map)
user posted image

user posted image
One of the doors will be a link to a Grarrl. You need to check all of the doors that are links, tabbing through is probably easiest.

user posted image
"Psst... hey, you. You look like someone who'd be interested in joining..." He glances around furtively and whispers. "Punch Club. And before you do, you have to remember that the first rule of Punch Club is that you don't talk about Punch Club... unless someone asks, then you can talk about it. Just don't bring it up. Unless you overhear someone else talking about it, because, like, they clearly already know about it." He nods, agreeing with himself. You get the impression that this Grarrl is not entirely stable.

Oh my! Well, might as well join, click the button to do it!

user posted image
Not the kind of punch you were expecting, eh?

Click on any of the punch bowls to take some punch. Keep on drinking until the highlighted golden cup becomes clickable.
user posted image
NOTE: What matters is the order in which you drink the punch, here is a list of all possible orders, you'll have to try them all until you get one:

111 - 112 - 113
121 - 122 - 123
131 - 132 - 133
211 - 212 - 213
221 - 222 - 223
231 - 232 - 233
311 - 312 - 313
321 - 322 - 323
331 - 332 - 333

Then click on the big sunshine thing, and you get the next constellation!
user posted image

After you get the cup to show up and click it, be sure to visit the archivist.
He says:
The archivist says, "Another clue, on a drinking vessel? How strange... I don't think any of our heroes are called 'The Thirsty' or anything like that. I wonder what that shape is... Well, you'd better go find the constellation."

The shape is of course The Gladiator:
user posted image

Go to the coordinates finder, find your coordinates, and map them on your telescope.

This is the result (click)

Several characters have something to say:
The Janitor:
The janitor shouts, "Punch Club?! You went to Punch Club without me?! RAARGHHR! I LOVE PUNCH!! I WISH I HAD SOME RIGHT NOW!!!" He foams at the mouth and growls incoherently.

The Archivist:
The archivist says, "Ah, of course, I should have recognized it. A shield, for Torakor, the Gladiator. And found at the Colosseum, no less. Of course, the Book of Ages has gained a new chapter."

"Now, this is very important, so pay attention. I've delved even deeper into the magics that have stolen our history, and I've realised that they seem very familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I've definitely seen magic like this before. The problem is that what the magics most remind me of are... well... I don't know who, specifically, but I believe they are similar to magics wielded by one of the Heroes of Altador. I don't know who, though; all of the Heroes use magic to some degree or other, and I don't know if I can identify who, precisely, might have created the magic in question here."

He sighs. "The problem, of course, is that if one of the Heroes is responsible for the magics that have stolen our history... well, that would be a great tragedy. Imagine! Another betrayer among the ranks of the Heroes! But who could it be?"

The Astronomy Club:
The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who ignores you completely and mutters imprecations under his breath.

A couple of the other club members--the Wocky and the Korbat--come over to you. They motion you over to a corner of the room. "Listen, we're all pretty unhappy with how the club president is running this place. I mean, we can do what we want, mostly, but he's just really grouchy and being a jerk lately. We just wanted to let you know that, um..." She glances around furtively. "He may not be the club president for much longer, if you know what I mean." She winks meaningfully at you, then goes back to her star charts.

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