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Wheel of Knowledge

World Difficulty NP Ratio
Easy N/A
First Place Second Place Third Place

This wheel is located in the heart of Brightvale and it will cost you 400 NPs to spin the wheel.

One of the great things about this wheel is that you can spin the wheel once a day.

The Wheel of Knowledge!

Space Awarded Prize
1 A random Brightvale job coupon..
2 A random food item.
3 Your active pet's intelligence decreases.
4 A random book.
5 A random Brightvale window.
6 A random Brightvale scroll.
7 Brightvale Guard Plushie.
8 Your active pet's intelligence increases.
9 A "Did you know..." phrase (see below).
10 Your active Neopet is healed. If your pet is already at full health, you'll be commended for taking good care of your pet.
11 The Brightvale avatar.
12 Free spin (spin again).
13 Advice from King Hagan (see below).
14 A random mote.
15 Brightvale Usuki Doll.
16 A random shield.

King Hagan's Wisdom

  • A hasty decision is a decision to fail.
  • A king is only as good as the court that surrounds him.
  • A king who fails to seek the council of his court can only be seen as a fool.
  • A kingdom's greatest resource is an educated populace.
  • A knowledgable man knows he has limited knowledge.
  • A smart Neopet speaks out, but a wise Neopet listens.
  • A wise man sees obstacles as they are, not as they appear to be.
  • A wish and a bit of hard work is better than just a wish.
  • Being strong does not always require physical strength.
  • Brave men may be forgotten, but brave deeds are never forgotten.
  • Foolish innocence always outweighs innocent foolishness.
  • In times of war, it is more important to have a good plan than a good army.
  • It is a fool who believes battles is the only way to victory.
  • It takes more than just a king to have a kingdom.
  • The brighter the light we gaze at, the darker the shadows around us.
  • The easiest battle to win is the one your enemy doesn't know about.
  • li>The king who fixes his gaze on the clouds may trip over pebbles.
  • The mind, like your muscles, must be regularly exercised... otherwise, it withers into decay.
  • The road to wisdom is long, but you only need to take one step at a time.
  • There are some lessons that cannot be learned from a book... they must simply be lived.
  • There is no future for a king who is ignorant of the lessons provided by the past.
  • We study history so that we may make new and more interesting mistakes.
  • When the path is blocked by Drackonacks, it's good to have a little cheese handy.
  • Without an education, one is more likely to become a jester than a king.

"Did you know..." Phrases

  • A Neopet can only be turned into a Robot by the Lab Ray.
  • A Potion of Brightvale Castle can be a wise choice of beverage, giving your Neopet a boost in intelligence.
  • Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge can be used at the Faerieland Employment Agency.
  • Doing a quest for an earth Faerie may result into your Neopet gaining a little weight.
  • Doing a quest for Taelia may earn you an Ice Cream Machine Coupon, usable at the Ice Cream Cart.
  • Draiks can only be created by taking a Draik Egg to the Draik Nest in Meridell.
  • If you type "buuuurrrrrrrrp" while playing Snowmuncher, the bloat-percentage of your belly decreases by 50%.
  • If you type "cheese" while playing the Buzzer Game, your cursor will show up. Steady on!
  • If you type "faerieland" while playing Faerie Bubbles, the current bubble becomes a Rainbow Bubble.
  • If you type "kingaltador" while playing Crisis Courier, you'll earn another life!
  • If you type "stardust" while playing Faerie Bubbles, the current bubble becomes a Nova Bubble.
  • If your neopet becomes too sad, it may change its colour!
  • Type "catapult" while playing Ultimate Bullseye II to receive a power-up.
  • Type "kougra" while playing Frumball to skip the level, although your points will get reset.
  • Type "monstermovie" while playing Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway to turn it into a black and white film.
  • Type "plzsutekcanihavemoretime" to receive a 30 second time bonus in Sutek's Tomb.
  • Type "pyramibread" as many times as you'd like while playing Sutek's Tomb to see the next possible move.
  • Type "recon" while playing Biscuit Brigade to reveal the path of the attackers.
  • Type "scallywags" while playing Dubloon Disaster to witness the awesome power of a whirlpool!
  • Typing random text while playing Jelly Blobs of Doom may just end your game...

Brightvale Avatar - Neoboards
Brightvale Avatar - Neopets Secret Neoboard Avatar Spin and land on the 8-pointed star space on the Wheel of Knowledge.

- Brought to you by Stephen
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