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Neopies 2012

The Fourth Annual Neopies

Each year Neopians choose the best of the best and the worst of the worst from the previous year of everything and anything in Neopia, better know as Neopies. Select categories have been choosen and Ellsworth, the Neopies host, will proved the finalist and you get to choose what you think was either good or bad from the previous year.

All of the Neopies:
Neopies for 2008 | Neopies for 2009 | Neopies for 2011


The following are all the finalists and the winners are highlighted in yellow.

Day One - Best New Paint Brush


Although the repulsive odour of this paint brush style may drive many away, there are still plenty who've opted in favour of this brush's wispy, pea-green shade.


Neopets outfitted in this aquamarine paint brush style tend to appear graceful and fluid, despite the havoc that the rising and falling of the tide plays with their mood.


Fans of old-school gaming were thrilled by the release of this paint brush style, which gives their Neopet a distinct retro look from the early days of video games.


This paint brush style, which is derived from the monstrous wraith creatures commanded by Xandra during The Faeries' Ruin, features a stunning combination of black and pink.

Day Two - Best Caption Images

Caption 1117

Lesson One of Dr. Sloth's Grundo Reeducation Program: How To Raise A Sign Praising Sloth On Cue.

Caption 1204

Warf: Sorry pal, but I'm only qualified to rescue Kadoaties. You're just going to have to find somebody else...

Caption 1206

Nooo! This image was supposed to be saved at 150 x 150, not 400 x 400! Is it the artists' day off again?!?

Caption 1219

While specific details were not released, it's safe to say that Lawyerbot was more than satisfied with the terms of his settlement with Usukiland.

Day Three - Best News Day

Fyora Day

2nd day of Relaxing (June 2nd) - This day was not only a stellar tribute to Queen Fyora, but also marked the Faerie Caverns' debut and the launch of this year's Altador Cup.

Maractite Day/Faeries' Ruin Prize Shop

26th day of Sleeping (January 26th) - In addition to celebrating all things Maractite, this day also saw the unveiling of the Prize Shop and Epilogue for The Faeries' Ruin.

Hubrid Nox Memorial

5th day of Collecting (October 5th) - Neopia marked the anniversary of Hubrid Nox's passing with a passel of tributes that included stamps, art, smilies, and a shield...

Discovery of Meridell Day

30th and 31st day of Swimming (July 30th & 31st) - This day's news was presented in a unique travelogue style, which led readers through a tour of King Skarl's kingdom.

Day Four - Best PPL Petpet Name

Salty the Mutant Slorg

It's often said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. As far as Salty... well, let's just say that he's plenty strong.

Sherlock the Leeble

This inquisitive Petpet is a restless gatherer of facts, with a fondness for checkered twill fabric and a love of music (particularly when played on the violin).

Patrick the Splime

Whoever decided to give this species the same name as Neopia's popular combination of spinach and lime must be living under a rock, since Splimes are fond of neither!

Winston the Urchull

"It's remarkable how most of Neopia's finest pleasures are so simple, and in their simplicity can be expressed in a single word - words like food, water, toy, and bed."

Day Five - Best NC Mall Collectible Item

The Three Collector's Cloak

These cloaks have been thoroughly checked and certified not to cause delusional rants in the minds of those who wear them. At least, that's what the voices tell us...

Roberta's Collector's Contacts

Who wouldn't love to own a pair of lavender contacts fashioned after the lovely eyes of Neopia's foremost diplomat-turned-sorceress?

Bringer of Night Collector's Staff

Well, it's not as if The Bringer of Night has any use for this staff anymore... seeing as, you know, a rock from Armin's slingshot shattered him into tiny pieces. Have at it!

Healing Springs Collector's Wig

Thanks to this wig, your Neopet can now possess a luxurious head of blond hair just like the water faerie from the Healing Springs. Magical healing properties not included.

Day Six - Best Site Event

Krawk Island Disappearance

When a Krawken attack smashed Krawk Island into tiny pieces, it was up to Neopia's brave volunteers - led by the guiding hand of Gavril McGill - to put it back together.

Faerie Quests

As Faerieland attempted to recover from its stunning downfall, Neopians were asked to carry out quests that would help to gather materials for rebuilding.

Daily Dare

This year's Daily Dare included the addition of Team Challenges and NC Retro Challenges, as well as a new twist on the format for the Staff Tournament.

Haunted Faerie

While a new slate of apple bobbing prizes were certainly appreciated, the big story at this year's Haunted Faire was the debut of Saskia's Masks of Dread.

Day Seven - Best New Neopet Colour

Mutant Acara

Like most mutant styles, this is a far cry from what most Acara owners are accustomed to. And yet, it somehow manages to maintain a glimmer of Acara cuteness...

Woodland Tonu

This look's tribute to birch trees caused some confusion at first, but once assured that the Tonu's front foot wasn't being held on by sellotape, Neopians embraced the style.

Camouflage Krawk

Good luck spotting one of these Krawks as they're mucking about in some muddy swamp. This camouflage style's earthen tone and dark spots make it next to impossible...

Water Kyrii

The Kyrii was the first Neopet species eligible to be painted with a Water Paint Brush, and there are many who insist that it remains the best of these paint brush styles...

Day Eight - Best NC Game Prize Item

Fantastical Plushie Land Background

Everybody knows that there's no such thing as Jelly World. Now, Fantastical Plushie Land, on the other hand... well, that's a whole other story altogether.

Emo Hair Wig

If you spent hours on your hair so it looked perfectly disheveled, you'd be sad all the time, too. Since this wig requires no upkeep, you'll just have to feign your dismay.

Mysterious Cape with Cowl

This cape and cowl combo hides your identity, plus it'll bolster your antihero credibility (just try to avoid uncool situations, like getting your cape caught in a doorway).

Sloth Clone Make-Up

Why be like all those other Neopians dressed as Dr. Sloth this Halloween when you can stand out by going as Sloth Clone? You can bet you'll see far fewer of those...

Day Nine - Best Site Shopkeeper Revamp

Hubert's Hot Dogs

Who knew that Hubert was capable of adding condiments with his tail? Incredible... that being said, what's up with the distinct lack of jacket potatoes?

Neopian Auction House

Thanks to this update, the Neopian Auction House now feels like it's actually in a house. Good luck getting a Meridellian Tower onto one of those little red stands, though...

Igloo Garage Sale

It seems like Mika and Carassa have been making preparations to move for years. Considering the beautiful new look of their igloo, can you blame them for taking their time?

Collectable Sea Shells

Although many had suspected that Maraqua's Collectable Sea Shells Shop would be a colourful boutique, no one could've imagined how much it would benefit from an update...

Day Ten - Best Neopoint Item

Cannibalistic Pumpkin

While you might feel the need to protect this rare Spooky Food by putting it in your Safety Deposit Box, be sure there aren't any other pumpkins in there first...

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Stumbling about in the Faerie Caverns is well worth the effort for those who manage to track down the treasure and receive this coveted stamp as their reward...

Flower Ink Frame

This ornate frame is an ideal gift for any Neopet whose customisation seeks to strike a balance between being eerily gothic and tastefully delicate.

My Best Buddy Sloth Cardboard Cutout

"Because, even if I weren't floating in an amulet in space, I still wouldn't have the time to accommodate the numerous requests to pose with my legions of admirers..."

Day Eleven - Best Species Specific Wearables

Chimney Sweep Techo Outfit

Does your Techo try tirelessly to keep your Neohome's chimney soot-free and clear of debris? If so, then this outfit is sure to make them as happy as happy can be!

Lupe Knight Outfit

This outfit recalls Neopia's storied tradition of Lupe knights that includes such luminaries as Jeran, Tor, and the NeoQuest Hero.

On The Go Cybunny Outfit

An ideal ensemble for the Cybunny that's got a million things to do and not a moment to spare, yet still feels the need to make it all look oh-so-effortless...

Skeith Tinkerer Outfit

If your Skeith is the inventive sort who always seems to be tinkering with some new gadget or another, then this outfit's perfectly suited for them!

Day Twelve - Best NC Accompaniment

Altador Cup

This year's Altador Cup included the debut of VIP Passes, which allowed ardent fans to go behind the scenes at four tournament locations and receive exclusive NC items.

Faerie Quests

As part of the re-launch of faerie quests during the month of Awakening, Neopians were introduced to Delina the Crafting Faerie, who gives out prizes in exchange for NC items.

Krawk Island Disappearance

While searching for pieces of Krawk Island, many of the volunteers found treasure chests that could be unlocked for prizes with a Mysterious Skeleton Key from the NC Mall.

Games Master Challenge

By purchasing keys for Lulu's Room Raid, Games Master Challenge participants were able to pick up prizes by ransacking the rooms of AAA and Abigail.

Day Thirteen - Let Us Never Speak Of This Again

Krawk Island Site Theme Requirements

A furore arose when many who'd only had a brief window to participate on Day One failed to meet the site theme's requirement of participating every day of the event.

Yooyuball Update

This year's Altador Cup featured a major overhaul of Yooyuball, the sport at the heart of the tourney. Tempers flared when the game's new controls took some getting used to...

Daily Dare Final Prizes

The inclusion of Blumaroll Dice packs as bonus prizes wasn't well-received in this last year's Daily Dare.

One Caption Contest a Week

Cutting down on the number of Caption Contests was greeted with sadness this past year.

Day Fourteen - Best New Petpet


This Altadorian Petpet that's capable of capturing its own food is quite a catch in its own right, as Petpet enthusiasts have been snatching them up ever since their debut.


Fans of this seafaring Shenkuu Petpet are not only captivated by its graceful, gliding movements, but also amazed by its ability to flap its fins and fly... incredible!


This Faerieland favourite might not be so swift when it comes to learning a new trick, but a few Petpets are as spirited and gregarious (especially when panted disco!).


This Spooky Petpet's trademark cross-eyed expression may give those unfamiliar with the species pause, but rest assured, your cuddling embrace is more than welcome.

Day Fifteen - Best New Avatar


Those willing to take their interest in finance to great heights and learn the secret of prosperity will find also find themselves the owners of this avatar.

High Roller

Neopians willing to play for the highest of stakes may find themselves wearing a blank expression when this avatar comes into their possession...


Xandra's ambitions for conquering Neopia may have been ruined, but those who defeated her were rewarded with numerous prizes, not the least of which was this avatar.

Krawken Attack

Gavril McGill may not win any popularity contests, but you can't say he doesn't richly reward those that serve him well, which those with this avatar can attest to.

Day Sixteen - Best NC Mall Wearable

Deathly Union Dress

The perfect dress for slowly staggering down the aisle. Ideal for those with something old, something new, and something borrowed who are seeking something... bleurgh!!!

Multicolour Wig

Who needs to sit in a beautician's chair getting their hair dyed for hours on end when you can get a wig like this with a multitude of different colours already included?

Hanging From The Tree Garland

This trinket makes your Neopet appear like an ornament placed upon a tree. For the sake of its branch, try not to hang too many candy canes or popcorn ornaments nearby...

Valentine Sunset Beach Background

Could anything be more romantic than this lovely, Valentine's Day-themed scenario and the beautiful sunset that adorns it?

Day Seventeen - Best Neopoint Background

Saskia's Cart Silhouette Backgrounds

Saskia may have packed up her cart and moved on, but this background serves as a reminder of all the good times that were had during her visit to the Haunted Faire...

Crumbling Ancient Castle Background

This castle appears to have once been the home of a wealthy and powerful ruler. Nowadays, though, not so much... it still looks pretty cool, though, in a decrepit sort of way.

Lily Pad Background

While, yes, this background is chiefly for Nimmo owners, there's nothing keeping you from using it to customise a Yurble or an Ixi. As for Elephantes... well, that's just silly.

Perfect Gazebo Background

The location of this background would be an ideal spot for a small gathering, perfect for the sort of Neopet who prefers a few close friends over lots of casual acquaintances.

Voting Reward

Vote in each category and be rewarded with one of the following prices.

Voting Rewards

Ice Caves Background

Neopian Marketplace Background

Raspberry Patch Background

Altadorian Battle Helmet

Bronze Scorchstone

Darigan Muffin

Fire Sword

Hard Leather Bracers

Icy Muffin

Oversized Maractite Rune Sword

Smelly Dung Muffin

Stone Muffin

365.25 Borovan Recipes

Advanced Basket Weaving

The Adventures of Gilly


Desert Survival Guide

Famous Paintings

Golden Book of Spelling

Ketchup Cookbook

Leafy Scroll

Neogarden Nimmo

Neopia In Under 18NP A Day

Texture Design


A Dozen Neggs

Apple Rigamaroll

Dark Faerie Apple

Fancy Rack of Lamb

Fire Faerie Sundae

Gooey Green Shake

Grape Juice Sippy Cup

Question Mark Cupcake

Tall Stack of Mutant Pancakes

Warf Tea

Foal in Box

Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Autumn Trumpet

Asparagus Couch

Biscuit Bed

Decorative Bowl of Fruit

Ficus Tree

Glass Coffee Table

Ornate Marble Vase

Perfume Mallows

Pink Hydrangea Bush

Purple Poppies

Simple Yellow Chair

Star of Paradise Flower

Sunny Yellow Chair



Baby Grarrl Plushie

Darigan Kyrii Plushie

Disco Techo Plushie

Electric Koi Plushie

Ghoti Plushie

Kauvara Plushie

Large Glyme Plushie

Millipod Plushie

Nedler Plushie

Pink Bori Plushie

Healing Springs Stamp

Maraquan Defenders Stamp

Maraquan Troops Stamp

Rohane Stamp

End Prize

For voting every day and making the Fourth Annual Neopies the best Neopies yet, you will recieve:

Neopies Carpet Background

- Brought to you by Stephen
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