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Neopies 2009

OF 2009

Each year Neopians choose the best of the best and the worst of the worst from the previous year of everything and anything in Neopia, better known as Neopies. Select categories have been chosen and Ellsworth, the Neopies host, will proved the finalist and you and other Neopians get to choose what you think was either good or bad from the previous year. To check out all the voting rules, read the Neopies FAQ. Why not take a look back at the First Annual Neopies?

All of the Neopies:
Neopies for 2008 | Neopies for 2009 | Neopies for 2011


The following are all the finalists and the winners are highlighted in yellow.

Day One - Best New Neopet Colour

Maraquan Usul

Sporting a pair of antennae and a shell, this Usul is right at home gathering ingredients for a tasty recipe on the ocean floor.

Royal Boy Kacheek

This regal Kacheek's attire is not only fit for a king, but sturdy enough for a noble warrior as well.

Snot Shoyru

Eww! While this mucus-covered Shoyru may make some Neopians queasy, certainly there are others who dig its slimy snot style.

Zombie Draik

This undead Draik looks like it's spent an afternoon searching the countryside for braaaaiiiinnnnssss. Quickly cast your vote and RUN!

Day Two - Best New Game

Snot Splatter

Neopians became so obsessed with this snot-filled strategy game that some even braved being in the Haunted Woods after dark to play it!


This spinning puzzle game has had Neopians twirling with delight ever since its debut.

Top Chop

Neopians chopped their way to earning wearable items with this game about a young Kougra's quest to become a palace guard.

Wheeler's Wild Ride

The island adventures of a coconut collecting Lenny named Wheeler proved quite popular with those who rushed to take a ride on the wild side.

Day Three - Best Mystery Capsule

Creepy Halloween Skull Mystery Capsule

This creepy capsule offered all sorts of spine tingling delights, including the dreaded Dirt Patch of the Undead.

Enchanted Valentines Mystery Capsule

NC Mall shoppers found this capsule to be quite a sweetheart of a deal, especially those who received a Sparkling Heart Wand.

Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule

All sorts of excellent autumnal items can be had with this capsule, the best being the Pumpkin Patch background.

NC Mall 2nd Birthday Mystery Capsule

This capsule offered collectors a chance at getting limited edition bonus items from capsules of the past!

Day Four - Best New Key Quest Token


While she may not be the most talented gamer in the Avinroo family, Abigail's Key Quest token is certainly cuter than that of her brother Aristotle.

Baby Gelert

Aww! Just one look from those adorable Baby Gelert eyes and your Key Quest opponents will forget all about that Key Grabber power up you just played.

Ferocious Negg

Looking to get an intimidating edge over your Key Quest opponents? This Ferocious Negg should do the trick!

Silver Lupe

This stately silver Lupe is just about the classiest-looking Key Quest token you're ever going to see.

Day Five - Best Advent Calendar Image

Day 7 - Moltara Tree

It looks like this year's seasonal celebration has gotten in gear for Roxton and the rest of the Atlas of the Ancients crew.

Day 13 - Dancing Rosie

If this animation of Rosie dancing doesn't put a smile on your face then, well, maybe King Skarl isn't the only one who's grumpy.

Day 15 - Top Chop Comic

It seems that when he's not guarding the palace, Katsuo has put his talents to good use elsewhere.

Day 16 - Barf Boat

Captain Arf and his crew appear to have no stomach for the exotic edibles offered to them when reaching their latest port.

Day Six - Best News Day

April 1st - April Fool's Day

The site moves in a new direction with the introduction of Neoplants!

August 5th - Artists Take the Day Off

TNT's artists get a much-deserved day off, leaving the drawing to others in the office. Hilarity ensues.

November 13th - Moltara is revealed!

After weeks of travelling the globe, Roxton and his crew discover the subterranean land of Moltara.

November 15th - Neopets turns 10!

Neopians put on their party hats and go in search of goodie bags, picking up an avatar and wearable background along the way!

Day Seven - Best New Petpet


This musical Petpet isn't for sale at the Petpetorium, Moltara's Petpet shop. Have you figured out how to get one?


On the other hand, the Hoggir IS one of the Petpets that's for sale at the Petpetorium in Moltara. Good luck getting a hold of one though.


These nocturnal songbirds from Shenkuu have earned plenty of admirers, thanks in large part to their stirring melodies.


This adorable Wintery Petpet appears on the trophy for the game Snow Roller. Anyone care to guess why?

Day Eight - Best New Character

Captain Arf

This seafarin' Warf came to prominence during Year 11 as captain of the Barf Boat.


This assistant to Shenkuu's Wise Old Gnorbu joined Roxton and Jordie in discovering Moltara as they rushed to save Neopia.


In addition to being AAA and Abigail's cousin, Lulu is known for setting the scores for the NC Challenge's Daily Dare and New Game Challenge components.


Neopians first got to know Rosie during the Springtime Celebration, where she passed out Neggs and amused many with her silly dancing.

Day Nine - Best Neopoint Wearable

10 Year Celebration Shield Background

Neopians showed their enthusiasm for Neopia's tenth birthday celebration by sporting this stylish shield.

Beware of Meepits Sign

Just remember: when the Meepits make their bid for world domination, it's not as though you weren't warned.

Charred Steam Wings

These wings may be a little worse for wear after an intense round of Moltara Run, but they still look great!

Novelty Blue Blumaroo Slippers

Aww cute little slippers with Blumaroo faces on the front. A novel idea, indeed!

Day Ten - Best NC Mall Wearable

Fyora Collectors Staff

If you're the sort who likes to look stylish yet refuses to be taken lightly, then this staff is the ideal accessory for you.

Spiffy Black Leather Jacket

Your Neopet can't help but look like a real tough customer when it's wearing one of these leather jackets.

Stained Glass Wings

These gorgeous wings are truly a sight to behold with daylight reflecting off of them as they slowly flutter.

Woodland Archer Wig

Who wouldn't look stunning in the flowing red tresses and evergreen garland combo that come courtesy of the Woodland Archer Superpack?

Day Eleven - Best Piece of User Generated Content

Pet Spotlight - snowbloom48

Snowbloom48 is a champion reader. This Poogle Snowbeast likes to devour his books - literally!

Random Contest - Robot Weewoo by spongeboblover2456

Spongeboblover2456 has really brought this life-sized Weewoo to life! It was built by hand for the Random Contest.

User Gallery - Pumpkin Patch by mcabre_2nd_gallery

With 104 items on display in their gallery mcabre_2nd_gallery has quite a collection of pumpkins and lanterns.

User Lookup - sassofrasso

There's plenty of tasty bamboo for the hungry Pandaphants on sassofrasso's user lookup.

Day Twelve - Best New Avatar

10th Birthday

Hurray, Neopets celebrated its 10th Birthday! If you've got this avatar, then luckily you were among those that were at the right place at the right time.

Carnival of Terror

All the clicking in the world won't save you from the custard coming at you in this avatar!

Discarded Plushie

Aww the blue Grundo plushie in this avatar sure looks sad. Maybe keeping him company by having this as your active avatar will help?

Mutant Graveyard

If ever there were a reason to stumble through a graveyard late at night with fearsome creatures lurking around every corner.

Day Thirteen - Best New Key Quest Mini-Game

Berry Blast

The way to win this mini-game is by blasting the most valuable berries before they disappear. Don't delay, blast away!

Fruit Picker

The key to this contest is being quick with your shears, cutting and placing more fruits in your basket than the competition.

Neogarden Grow

Grow your way to victory by planting and clipping more flowers than your Key Quest opponents before time runs out!

Petpet Pamper

It seems that that Meowlops has made quite a mess of himself. Whoever can wash away the most dirt before time expires wins the game!

Day Fourteen - Best NC Challenge Event

Altador Cup NC Challenge

Shootout Showdown was the name of the game with which players could receive up to 38 Altador Cup-themed prizes.

Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge

Those who joined Jordie in taking four brief detours from the plot came away with a quintet of goodies, plus a pair of Bonus Items at the end.

Daily Dare NC Challenge

Those who topped Lulu's scores received a range of items based on the games they'd played.

Games Master Challenge NC Challenge

By adding a pair of prizes to each day of the GMC, an additional sixteen items became available via the NC Challenge.

Day Fifteen - Best Site Event

10th Birthday Celebration

Neopia celebrated a decade of excellence with goodie bags, an avatar, a wearable background, and plenty of other treats!

Atlas of the Ancients Plot

Neopians rushed to join Roxton and his crew in their effort to save the world from certain doom.

Daily Dare

AAA and Abigail returned with another round of scores to overcome, this time bringing along their cousin Lulu.

Games Master Challenge

This year's GMC took a historical approach, incorporating great moments from Neopia's history into the challenges.

Voting Rewards

Each time you vote for a finalist in a category you were provided a random amount of neopoints and one of the following prizes.

Voting Rewards

2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program

Award Show Play Set

Award Show Snack Pack

Award Winner Glow Sparkling Powder Puff

Neopie Commemorative Keychain

Neopie Mirror

Neopie Statue Vinyl Figure

Neopies Backstage Pass

Neopies Winner Envelope

Nominee Cookie

Nominee Dartboard

Red Carpet Dos & Donts

Second Annual Neopies - Whos Who

Shiny Gold Tissue Box

Sparkling Neopie Cider

- Brought to you by Stephen
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