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Festival of Neggs 2013

Links-> Festival of Neggs | Neoboards: Festival of Neggs | Festival of Neggs' FAQ | Bloomin' Neggs | Honest Pete's

Kari is back and the Negg Festival is in full swing. Time to get your hunt on. However, this year she is joined by Honest Pete, is overseeting the Neocash portion of the Festival with his punching of Neggs to turn them into Doughnutfruits. And another Neocash event in the Greenhouses where a greenthumbed Acara is growing plants and she needs your help.

The Festival will starts on March 25th and ends on April 14th, with Day 1 running until March 26th.

Festival Negg Hunt

The Festival of Neggs is back and the hunt is ON! Everyday, a new decorative Negg will be available to find. With each Negg being released you can find any previous Negg on any day up till April 14th, 2013, the last day of the Negg Fesival; however, if you keep up and collect Neggs on the day they're released, you'll get a bonus prize. After collecting all four Neggs in a particular category, prizes will be unlocked and you will be able to select one.

Festival Negg Hunt- Plaid Negg
Day Clue/Riddle Location
March 25th - 26th

Four lamp posts, one well;
Thick fog muffles a yell.
Look around Neovia.

Plain Negg Locations:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten
March 27th

Tablets of old speak of treasure hidden;
Spiced treats burn tongues unbidden.
Look around Qasala.

Plain Negg Locations:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten
March 28th

Winged ships, mountains that soar,
And water falling with a roar.
Look around Shenkuu.

Plain Negg Locations:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten
March 29th

An Aisha paints, an axe glows,
A Meepit lurks and the darkness grows.
Look around Haunted Woods and The Deserted Fairground.

Plain Negg Locations:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

After collecting all four Plaid Neggs, you are given the choice of choosing one of the following prizes:

Plaid Negg Prize

Negg Rolls

Negg Chair

Negg Crafts

Magical Spring Vine Wings

Plain Plastic Neggs

In this years Festival of Neggs, you can earn a bonus prize each day by finding ten plastic negs hidden around the site. They are located in the same place for everyone. Once you find all ten, and bring them to Kari, you will be rewarded with one of the following prizes:

Plain Plastic Negg Prizes

101 Negg Recipes

A Dozen Neggs

Babaa Tales

Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg

Bag of Infinite Neggs

Blue Easter Negg Cookie

Candy Filled Negg

Chocolate Candy Filled Negg

Chocolate Coated Marshmallow

Chocolate Pteri Eggs

Colourful Negg Pizza

Creme Filled Chocolate Negg

Dark Chocolate Cybunny

Faerie Marshmallows

Floral Birdhouse

Floral Comb

Floral Easter Negg

Grilled Negg

Lavender-Scented Toothpaste

Marshmallow Milkshake

Matching Pastel Shells

Negg Compact Mirror

Negg Crayons

Negg Pie

Negg Scroll

Negg Slushie

Neggdrop Soup

Neggery Notes

Paper Negg

Pastel Snowflake Tree

Plain Snowbunny Loaf

Quiguki Negg Hunt Set

Reject Usuki Spring Basket

Rose Scented Soap

Spring Beauty

Stackable Babaas

Stale Black Jelly Beans

The Negg Faerie Diaries

Tonu Orange Juice

Yamless Candied Yams

Zafara Orange Juice

Honest Pete

Honest Pete has the idea of punching a hole in the middle of special neggs to make doughnutfruits. This can be accomplished, easily. First, purchase a Negg Puncher from the NC Mall for 125 NC (per Negg). Then visit Pete with your freshly-received decorative negg in hand. Remember: Each Negg Puncher only works once and after punching a negg, the negg disapears from your inventory.

The neggs for Honest Pete can be found in the same land as Kari's negg for that specific day and each day a new specific negg is available. The neggs are no-trade and serve no other purpose but to be punched. Aside from the quest rewards, there will be no extra bonuses for completing NC quests.

Negg Puncher 125 NC

Negg Punching Prizes
Days Negg Location Prizes
March 25th - March 26th
Green Paisley Decorative Negg
Look around Neovia.
Purple Pastel Gingham Dress | Green Paisley Counterfeit Doughnutfruit
March 27th
Blue Paisley Decorative Negg
Look around Qasala.
Pastel Spring Negg Facepaint | Blue Paisley Counterfeit Doughnutfruit
March 28th
Orange Paisley Decorative Negg
Look around Shenkuu.
Purple Eizzil Handheld Plushie | Orange Paisley Counterfeit Doughnutfruit
March 29th
Pink Plaid Decorative Negg
Look around Haunted Woods and The Deserted Fairground.
Pink Pastel Boa | Pink Plaid Counterfeit Doughnutfruit

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