Beginner's Guide to Neopets


Woah! I see you joined Neopets! Neopets is a terrific site and is loads of fun but it can be very confusing for someone who is brand new to it. This guide is made to be simple yet informative. Some links in this guide may lead to other guides which provide even more details on various topics. If you have any questions or suggestions please email Xetskeytl.

NOTE:At the end of the guide there is a to-do list for beginners. This tells you what things you should do as soon as you join Neopets.

Rules & Help

The first step to enjoying Neopets to the max is by reading the rules. The official rules of Neopets can be found here. They are made to make a G-rated environment because there are members of all ages on Neopets. Breaking a rule can lead to your account being frozen or you getting a warning. Make sure you read the rules.

Help and FAQ about Neopets can be found here. This is a valuable resource for all members as it answers many questions that people have. You may even have some of the same questions!


As soon as you sign up to Neopets you will be asked to make a Neopet. You must make one, there are no exceptions. Below I explain all of the things they are asking you to enter. This is what the page looks like:

Select the Species

There are many Neopets to pick from (as you can see from above). There are Limited Edition Neopets. Details on those can be found here! Pick the pet that you like the most. You can have up to 4 pets per account. This means you don't have to worry if you make one and suddenly want one of a different species.

Select the Colour

You have 4 colours to pick from at first. Pick the one you want. Colour does not matter at all and can be changed by using paintbrushes, potions, and more! More details on those can be found later in the guide.

Name your Neopet

The name you select for your Neopet. You can not change the name so pick carefully! No two Neopets on the site can have the same name so try to be original! Underscores are usually avoided but can be included if they make your pet's name interesting. For instance, my pets are named: Xetskeytl, Rondanov, Taelia_Twyst, and LiShu. I used an underscore in Taelia's name because Taelia was taken.

Picking Gender, Personality, & Stats

The gender is whatever you want and it has no effect on personality or abilities. It can be changed by using the Lab Ray. Personality is whatever you want it to be. It doesn't matter but it gives you the chance to imagine how your pet's personality is. Stats don't really matter unless you are using your Neopet for battles. If so you want to look at the Strength bar.


You can always adopt a pet from the Neopian Pound. This place lets you adopt, abandon, and transfer Neopets. Most pets in the Pound don't have the best names but they all need caring and loving homes.

NOTE:When adopting a pet you must watch out! The adoption page does NOT say if a Neopet is sick or not. In order to find this out you must copy the name of the Neopet and put it in the Search bar of Neopets. Then check the pet's page. This will tell you if the Neopet you are going to adopt is sick or not. I have had this happen to me so now I check all the time!

Feeding Your Neopets

You need to feed your Neopets. They never die but you don't want them to starve, right? The best way to feed your pets is by doing the following.

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is made for people with less than 3,000 Neopoints (NP) to their name. You can go and feed your pets here. Once you have 3,000 NPs you actually have to begin using NPs and buying food.

Cheapest Food

If you don't want to spend thousands of NPs then you are better off buying Omelettes or Jelly. Omelettes are your best bet as they feed your Neopet 3 times each. This means that one bite eats 1/3 of the omelette and so on. These are very cheap at 10-20 NPs and there is even a Giant Omelette where you can go and get one free omelette a day! Jelly feeds your Neopet twice, meaning one bite eats 1/2 of the jelly. Jelly is very cheap too and there is even a Giant Jelly where you can go and get one free jelly a day!

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are items that let you paint your Neopet. They give you a chance to make them any colour, that their species allows, from Baby to Zombie. There are some colours, like chocolate, that have no paint brush. Those colours must be zapped.

How do I get a paint brush?

1. Luck - Very rarely you can find a paint brush randomly. This is super rare and most people never have it happen to them. If it happens to you then you are a very lucky person!

2. Prize - Some people have all the luck and that includes winning a paint brush as a prize from something! Most commonly it is from spinning a wheel. I spun one once and won a Petpet Paint Brush. PPPB (as they are known) will be described in detail in a later guide.

3. Buying - Most people are better off buying a paint brush. These can cost anywhere from 50,000 NP to 10,000,000 NP and more! Most cost between 375,000 NP to 700,000 NP. The best way to insure you are getting the best price is to use the Shop WIzard, Auctions, and Trading Post. Checking all these sources means you find the best possible price for what you are going to buy.

Are there any other ways to change my pet's colour?

There are a few other ways you can change your Neopet's colour. Some are expensive and some are cheap, if not free.

Morphing potions can change the colour and the species. You can buy ones of your Neopet's species if you want to keep them a certain species. This is typically expensive.

Magical plushies are another option but are expensive. I have never used this way to change a pet so use it at your own risk. Remember, it must say "Magical" in the name or else it isn't a true Magical plushie!

Random events happen to everyone and sometime they can change your pet's colours. These rarely happens so don't depend on this way to change your pet's colour.

Lab Ray is another way of changing your pet. The lab ray can give you special colours, like chocolate, but it can also change your pet's species and gender so use at your own risk! Getting the map is kind of difficult but it is mostly expensive with each piece costing between 50,000 NP to 1,000,000 NP. Once the lab pieces are collected (there are 9) you can use the lab once a day forever! It also gives you a chance to get the Petpet Lab ray, meaning you can zap them and change them too!

Magma Pool
If you want your pet to be Magma then you have to go here! At random times the guard falls asleep and then you get to paint your Neopet Magma. This is the only know way to get pets to be Magma.

Your Neopet can also wear clothing, various items, and backgrounds. This means your Neopet could look normal and then be decked out in gear. An example of this can be found here. That Neopet is painted Christmas, then has Christmas decorations to match it's colours. Most items that your Neopet can wear, along with backgrounds, can be bought for NP. Others must be bought using NeoCash (NC). Items for sale for NP that were bought for NC are normally expensive. Sometimes they are worth it and other times they aren't.

Making Neopoints

Neopoints make the world go round and having them will help you greatly. The thought of getting millions of NPs can seem scary and daunting at first because you start with only a few thousand. I remember when I first joined I was so worried and thought about all the NPs and how I would never be able to get as many as some people. It isn't hard, promise.


First thing you need to do is go to the bank, located here and open a bank account. This is where most of your NPs will go and they are better off being here because then they can't get stolen by random events. At this point you should consider adding a PIN number for extra protection. Go to "My Account" and they will give you the option there to add a PIN. This means everytime you withdraw NPs from the bank you have to enter your PIN, just like a real bank.

Now that you have made a bank account you need to take a minute (or an hour or day or year) and figure out what you want to do with your NPs. Do you want to get to a million NPs? Do you want to paint all of your Neopets? Do you want to collect various items? Whatever it is make sure you set a goal. This will help you while you are earning Neopoints. For instance, let's look at my goals.

My goals are;
Getting four Rare Neopets (Chomby, Kiko, Kio, and Tonu.) 3/4
Painting all my Pets (Biscuit, Christmas, Cloud, and Starry.) 3/4
Getting them Matching Petpets and painting them. Match: 4/4 Painting:0/4
Getting a Million NPs. Not Done.

My goals are kind of large and your goals do not have to be that large. They can be as simple as getting a new Petpet to buying an item you like. Your goals are personal and they should motivate you to want to make NPs, no matter what.

How do I make Neopoints?

Games - These are your main source of income and will help you the most out of everything. There are hundreds of games and I am sure you can find one you love. They also have a double NP game every day and even sponsor games! Those earn you more NPs as well. You can get trophies and awards from playing games and getting a high score so play some games right now! Go here to play games!

Restock - This is recommended for people who have the basic idea of how to run their shop. This requires buying items from shops owned by Neopets itself or by members and then selling them for higher prices in your shop. Make sure you use all your options (Shop Wizard, Auctions, and Trading Post) to find the best prices. This also gives you a basic idea of how much you should charge people.

Stocks - This involves investing in the Stock Market and then waiting for your stocks to pay off. This can take a long time and can be very boring to some people. This method requires lots of patience.

Site Things - Random events can give you NPs, along with site activites, such as the Advent Calendar. You can even enter Neopets contests for writing, drawing etc.

I'm new, what is best for me?

Seeing as you are new to Neopets you are better off focusing on games. They can give you lots of NPs a day. This can be time consuming but it is one of the easiest ways to get NPs. These NPs can then be put in the bank or spent on whatever you want. Remember, excess NPs should always go in the bank. I only keep about 500NP on hand at all times and the rest is in the bank, collecting interest!

Restocking Your Shop

Your Shop is important. You need to pay to open one (200NP I believe) and then you get to pick it's name, location, shopkeeper, edit how it looks etc. Once your shop is made you can also upgrade it. The beginning shop size holds 5 items. You have to pay to upgrade your shop but it is worth it!

Restocking your shop can be tricky as you need speed and NPs in order to do it. More details can be found by simply googling "How do I Restock on Neopets". Many guides will pop up.


For an in depth guide to Stocks and the Neopets Stock Market you should Google it. Some people have spent years on Neopets and have used the Stock Market the entire time. They can offer the most details and information because personally, I have never used the Stock Market.

Site Activites

For up-to-date site activities you should visit the Neotacular main page. The news will be full of all of the latest activities and can offer details into what is happening in Neopets as a whole. The main page of Neotacular is priceless! Check it often!

Beginner's To-Do List

This is a list of things that every newbie to Neopets should do. You don't have to do everything on the list but it is recommended.

To-Do List
1. Create your Neopet! You need at least one Neopet at all times. You can make all of your Neopets (you can have 4) or you can adopt! Some people have 4, some people have 1 etc. The number you have is up to you!
2. Open your bank account. This is important to keep your NPs safe. You can put any details you want in the boxes and the Job field is for fun.
3. Make your Neohome. This can be decorated any way you want! They are mostly for fun and aren't needed.
4. Open your shop! This lets you sell things! It costs Neopoints to open it but it is worth it.
5. Feed your Neopets using the Soup Kitchen. It is free to feed your pets here.
6. Play games to earn Neopoints. Put them in your bank for safe keeping!
7. Explore Neopia and see all the different lands and such.
8. Have fun! Neopets is meant to be a fun place so enjoy it!

Further Reading

More guides to Neopets can be found everywhere. Simply Google it and you can find hundreds or check out some of our guides at NT! Many people do different things so see which one you like best.

- Brought to you by Amanda (Xetskeytl)
Any errors spotted in the above guide? Tell us!

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