Save the picture to your computer somewhere that you can find it. From inside of Windows Live (or MSN), click your display picture, and click browse. Go to the directory where you saved the file, select it, and press Open.

Aaron and Grissom - Faded Aaron Pratt - Caged Aaron Pratt - GiggleSnort Aaron Pratt - Incapable Aaron Pratt - Kissy Kissy Ahoy Aisha aishia Alice from Wonderland Angel Flavour anime Anime - BW Anime - Red and BW Anime1 Ashlee Simpson ashley2 Aurora avril Avril Lavigne Baby Beach Blossoms blummy Bori brain tree Brass - Time bride Bruce CantLetgo care bear Cat Bus Cat Bus - W/Text Catherine - Investigate Catherine - Triple Cherry Blossoms Chobits Chomby chomby Ciara ciara Coconuts Colorful Spardel Defy Gravity Demi & Selena Demi Lovato Desert disco Dontletmefade driak Duo Duo 2 Easy Silence Elephante Escaflowne Eva faerieunderwater Fai Fight Fight! finalfantasy flower Flowery FY - Tasuki - Fire Gangsta' green Green Elegance Green Elegance - W/Text green fire Greg - Fade Greg - Magic Greyed Anime Grissom Grissom - Ghost Grissom - Green Grissom - Gruesome Grissom - Isolated gwen Gwen Stefani Hair hannah harris harry Heero Heero2 hillary House House - A Genius I love Nerds Icy Blue illusen JA Jojo Kass kelly kiko Kingdom Hearts Kiss Me L - Genius Lina - Slayers Lonely Bench Lonely Fence Longoria lutari m and a Miaka and Hotohori Miaka and Tamahome miley Miley & Ashley Misc. Moonkissed Moonkissed w/text My Butterfly mynci NickJ Obsessive P!nk Pink Flower Pink2 Playground Purple Purple Eyes Quatre Random Anime Random Anime11 Random Anime12 Random Anime13 Random Anime14 Random Anime15 Random Anime16 Random Anime17 Random Anime2 Random Anime3 Random Anime4 Random Anime5 Random Anime6 Random Anime7 Random Anime9 Random Model Random Model1 Random Model11 Random Model12 Random Model13 Random Model14 Random Model16 Random Model17 Random Model19 Random Model2 Random Model3 Random Model4 Random Model6 Random Model7 real? Red Road to nowhere Run-Away Bride Sand Castle Sanzo2 Sara Sidle Save Me Save Me Scorchio scribble Sleeping Model slug smallchomby Smile snorkle Snowy Soul Spardel! Starry Mirror stars Summer Lovin' Sunny Sky Surprise! theif Trowa Umbrella Vanessa 1 Vanessa 2 Vash the Stampeda Vintage Photo Vogue Waiting Warrick - BW Weird Where do we go? White Anime Woah wocky Wu Fei You spin me Round
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