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    Stealthy Morphing Potions: Kyrii | Techo
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    Christmas Plushies: Eyrie | Tuskaninny
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    Ogrin Day - December 28th Morphing Potions: Fire | Wraith
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    Advent Calendar Prize Update: From News Features this week:
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    Bruce Day - December 5th Clothing:
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    Hi all, My name is Yohan soon thirties. This is a few months I occasionally read your forum and frankly , congratulations , the site is seriously well done! I'll do my best to give at least as much as the forum has given me.
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    Scorchio Day - March 14th Clothing:
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    Wocky Day - December 12th Marquee: Colours: Eventide | Woodland Clothing: Food:
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    Welcome to December Don't forget to pick up your December Monthly Freebies to get your free food and 2,000 NPs. Also don't forget that we are in the middle of The Advent Calendar. So go daily and collect some awesome prizes and some NPs as well. Check out our guide to see a full list of all the wonderful prizes. Also the Stocking Stufftacular has started. The Winter Celebration has begun and that means some awesome news for Neopians. The gossip heard all around Neopia is that the Snowager has gone into hibernation and that means you can go and visit him and get a precious item from him every day. Here is what you have to look forward to this month. December 5 - Bruce Day December 12 - Wocky Day December 20 - Borovan Day December 25 - Day of Giving December 28 - Ogrin Day December 31 - New Year's Eve
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    NC Mall News: There's a brand new costume pack available now in Future Fashions! It is called the Lovely Sea Monster Costume Pack. And it includes the following items: The custom pack also includes a bonus item, Scaly Sea Monster Facepaint:
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    New Rock Colours: Royal | Snow
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    NC Mall Gift: News Features- "Happy Holidays! In celebration of the season, visit the NC Mall today to claim your FREE Peppermint Goodie Bag!" Head over to the NC Mall and pick up a a free Peppermint Goodie Bag. When you open the bag you will get some awesome Peppermint Earmuffs!
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    Korbat Day - October 26th Morphing Potions: Grey | Rainbow
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    Petpet Colours: Halloween Lizark | Faerie Slogmog
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    Bori Day - October 13th Plushie: Royal Boy | Royal Girl
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    Hi. We would like to start a affiliate. Site Name: Neocdn Site URL: www.neocdn.com Banner (88x15): Choose here - http://www.neocdn.com/nandinia/banner.php You can see the visits per day here - http://www.neocdn.com/ts/index.php?a=stats&u=neocdn Thank you. :3
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    Hey. I was working on the Daily Dare Guide, not quite done. I was wondering if on the home page if we could link to it. Just and idea.
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    The Daily Puzzle Answers for Sunday, December 16, 2012: Question: This Codestone Plushie comes with an adorable blue patch: Answer: Bri Prize: 325 NP Click here to complete the daily puzzle.
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    Half Price Day: Today is the third day of the meaning it is Half Prize Day in all Neopian Shops. Great time to get some good items and some avatars that are hard to get. Remember you only have till tonight at midnight till prizes are rest back to normal prizes. Enjoy the half prized items!
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    Christmas Morphing Potions: Acara | Lenny
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    Grarrl Day - October 3rd Marquee: Colors Eventide | Stealthy Clothing: Items:
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    Symol Day - October 23 Colours: Eventide | Water
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    Blurgah Colours: Blue | Fire Island Petpets: Mauket | Plathydon Plushie Petpets: Feepit | Hopso
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    Poogle Day - September 19th Plushies: Magma | Tyrannian
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    I'm typing in the code it comes up but then the picture is just a red x with a white border. Please Help
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    The Daily Puzzle Answers for Friday, March 29, 2013: Question: This colour is a bit like fire, but you can only get it in Moltara: Answer: Magma Prize: 454 NP Click here to complete the daily puzzle.
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    Across: 2. soldiers 5. soup 7. koi 8. shrub 9. luggage 11. orange 13. fruit Down: 1. stepping 2. sun 3. dinksy 4. strale 6. licorice 10. gift 12. green 14. ixi Click here to complete the crossword
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    Across: 4. rutu 5. krawk 7. ixi 9. caylis 10. feather 13. tooth 14. dofrey 15. skeithius Down: 1. ruki 2. tunic 3. twins 6. vitality 8. mystery 11. eat 12. nose Click here to complete the crossword
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    Across: 3. starry 6. tekel 7. ten 8. toys 10. red 11. friend Down: 1. hat 2. air 3. spikes 4. altador 5. benny 9. ogrin 10. random 11. fan 12. eye Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Advent Calendar Snowflake: There is something new added to the Advent Calendar this year! In each animation that plays on the Advent Calendar there will be a snowflake hidden each day. Once you've spotted the snowflake, you can click on it to receive a wintery-themed bonus prize! The Advent Calendar guide has been update to highlight each snowflake each day and also added is the prizes that you can possibly receive when clicking on the snowflakes.
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    Bruce Day - December 5th Colours: 8-bit | Dimensional Clothing:
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    Wocky Day - December 12th Clothing:
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    Xweetok Day - November 29th Clothing:
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    Battledome Update: TNT has finally done it. Battledome will soon be getting an update. You can sign-up to be a beta tester if you want by clicking here. But it is time to wave good bye to the old and, hopefully, welcome with open arms something new. Hopefully...
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    October NC Mall Collectibles: With October finally here, it brings a new NC Mall Collectibles. This month it is the second in the Daring Duos NC Mall Collection. This month it features Jazan! This item will only be available in the NC Mall during the month of October. http://images.neopets.com/ncmall/collectibles/12_10/nc-collectible.swf
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    OCTOBER Halloween Plushies: Chia | Tonu Halloween Petpets: Nuk | Patamoose Zombie Petpets: Beekadoodle | Karren | Pandaphant | Tyrowbee
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    Caption #1276: Awww. Neopia loves Skeith! Click here for a larger image.
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    Skeith Day - September 25th Marquee: Colours: Dimensional | Maractite Dimensional Paint Brush: Clothes: Items:
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    Across: 4. yellow 6. mustache 9. kunai 11. red 12. arms 13. insanity 14. bit Down: 1. meepit 2. milo 3. two 5. chia 7. boring 8. garlic 9. kass 10. naia Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Across: 3. pteri 4. hat 6. auctions 7. sidney 9. evil 10. lucie 11. lisha 13. four Down: 1. eight 2. banana 5. running 7. sloth 8. yellow 12. art 14. red Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Across: 2. isca 6. kiko 8. towel 10. socks 12. ppl 13. tunic 14. one 15. wings Down: 1. tavi 3. neodeck 4. krawk 5. intesteen 7. lamp 9. island 11. lime Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Across: 2. jacques 4. xandra 5. bow 7. tax 9. pink 11. art 12. tarla 13. kunai Down: 1. verb 3. armin 4. xweetok 6. haunted 8. qasala 10. bori 14. uni Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Morphing Potions: Baby Blumaroo | Desert Flotsam | Water Kau
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    Jubjub Day - June 6th Plushies: Cloud | Darigan Clothing:
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    Name:Astroboy Msn:jcminst@msn.com Sample Graphics: http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t520/silentneo12/darigan-1.png http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t520/silentneo12/brightvale.png
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    New Avatar: A new avatar has been released for the game Goparokko.it seems that this avatar will awarded to players that score over 8500. Note: This avatar seems to not have been awarded to players for the correct score. This seems to have been fixed at this point.
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    Bloomin' Neggs: Bloomin' Neggs, a new NC Mall event has begun. The goal is to help a greenthumbed Acara with her greenhouse. The Bloomin' Neggs event will run throught April 9th. To take part, you'll need to purchase a planting kit from the mall - the first of which is now available, see below: Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #1 - Zigzag 500 NC First you must activate the kit in your inventory. Once you have done that, click on the plant pots on the Bloomin' Neggs page to receive your daily item. Each pack gives five days of growth (and five items). There are four packs in total.
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    Across: 3. nox 5. snowbunny 7. yellow 9. jade 10. music 11. six 14. altador Down: 1. snow 2. ten 4. undo 6. magical 7. yes 8. lyins 12. hat 13. roo Click here to complete the crossword.
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    Sign up in the forums: If you have questions or comments sign up in the Forums for a faster reply by the Neotacular Team!
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