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  1. You mean you guys don't all pop in every day?
  2. And a glorious return it is indeed
  3. With all the Portuguese sites popping up I guess I'm going to have to learn a new language The site looks great, and I'll have you added to our affiliates list shortly now.
  4. No problem Sorry it took so long to find the darn thing
  5. There's a setting somewhere making the max size 199x199, I'm still trying to track it down... EDIT: I've got it to 400x400 now, but most importantly, I've found the setting. If that's not big enough let me know
  6. Can you post a link to the image you are using here? It's hard to help if we can't see the problem
  7. You can set the size like this I think [media=30,100][/media] that should be "width,height" If it won't let you set a big enough size let me know and I'll poke around in the options a bit more.
  8. On IPB the correct code is [media][/media] Also, it was disabled and I turned it on, so may work now as well.
  9. Weird but awesome
  10. Alright, thanks It will fit with the others better.
  11. I don't read... Portuguese? ... but the site looks good to me You've been accepted, and your link will start showing up on the site shortly.
  12. 88x31 will be fine
  13. The guides look great, I'm happy to say you have been accepted I'll get to work updating your permissions now
  14. Welcome to the site Seems like you'll fit in just fine around here
  15. Your new layout looks great We're happy to say you've been accepted. Your link will start showing up on the site shortly.