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  1. Patricia

    Usul Day Update

    Afraid not .
  2. Patricia

    Usul Day Update

    Hahaha I see we both popped into NT on the same day!
  3. Patricia

    hello world :)

    Helloooo new members! I am Patricia! Welcome
  4. Patricia


    Hi, I'm Patricia, and I'm new.
  5. Patricia


    Hahahaha. Good thinking. What meanies .
  6. Patricia


    Hahahaa. I tried to log in and it kept saying my account/password was wrong .. so I assumed it was my password and I tried to recover my password and it said the account didn't exist and I was like =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Pfssh Anthony, what if I was a different Patricia and you granted me admin powers?!