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    Allen's Application

    No need to strike through the Awesome sauce, it's all good. Haha, thanks for the welcome!
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    Allen's Application

    Name you'd like to be called: Allen is good, Awesome-sauce would be appreciated. AIM or MSN Username: brightdusk94 (although it is extremely inactive, I can still get on it and be contacted via this AIM user) A person has just asked the following "I'm getting a code error on neopets when I try to use your layout, what should I do?", please respond: I would first apologize to him/her and ask which layout he is inquiring about. I would note it and refer to the graphics designer who made it and ask if she/he can fix it. I would tell the person with the problem that we will fix it as soon as we can, and that their patience is much appreciated. If the graphics designer fixed the coding, I would get back to the person if I could.