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  1. Bah, I'm always late Welcome to Neotacular, and yay for Skyrim!
  2. Katy

    New Userlookup

    We have a new Userlookup available for use! (Fully compatible with the current Neopets layout) Shenkuu Princess Shield included in layout You can find this Userlookup here. Or click here to preview it.
  3. Yup, that's perfect, thanks
  4. Looks great Could you edit one of the trophies into the post under the first sentence? Should catch the eye more
  5. Across: 4. yackito 5. one 7. slow 8. quinton 10. windspeed 12. five 14. gabar Down: 1. cape 2. hissi 3. roo 6. soldier 8. quest 9. tarla 11. death 13. isca Click here to complete the crossword.
  6. The Daily Puzzle Answers for Friday, August 26, 2011: Question: What are the odds listed for Nutty at the Turdle Races? Answer: 9:1 Prize: 275 NP Click here to complete the daily puzzle.
  7. Katy

    Content Galore

    Shun! It's not a very creative hatchling, but I wanted to put an egg up there
  8. Katy

    Content Galore

    Thanks! I just couldn't resist making that avatar
  9. Katy

    Content Galore

    Our new Stock Market guide is up and ready to read and can be found here! We also have a few new graphics, including: 6 New Avatars Go to Avatars 1 New Pixel Go to Pixels 1 New Adoptable Egg Yay! Go to Adopt-an-Egg Enjoy!
  10. Just added two new PSP tutorials (and finished cleaning the rest ) could someone edit them into this news post so I don't knock it off the homempage? Diagonal Lines Feathering Cheers!
  11. And big thanks to you for piecing it all together, of course!
  12. Katy

    New Userbars

    Thanks I'm quite proud of the like thing, haha And hello Todd, welcome to the team
  13. Katy

    New Userbars

    I'll be adding more of these during the week as I patiently await results day ;D P.s. Any suggestions for Userbars are much appreciated Enjoy! Userbars can be found here!
  14. Katy


    Welcome back I have to agree with Anthony too
  15. Katy


    Hi Todd, and welcome to Neotacular Content writers write game guides, create tutorials and the like, whereas Newsposters have their own group. Any extra help is much appreciated, so feel free to apply You can apply here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  16. Katy

    New Forum Set

    It's grown on me I'm too lazy to change it anyways
  17. Katy

    New Forum Set

    This was a little experimental, which is my excuse for the horrible font May change that sometime. Preview: Update: You can find these forum sets here. Enjoy!
  18. I think that was the first time I've viewed the homepage with the Live Help button showing online xD I'm guessing it was just a fluke, sorry for that big waste of time xD
  19. Windows 7 and Google Chrome
  20. I don't know if it's just me getting this, but I noticed that some links in the homepage sidebar weren't clickable. It included all Site links and some of the Graphics links, but I've only noticed this happening when the Live help button is showing Online, it was fine beforehand. I dunno if the button has anything to do with it but I thought I'd mention it anyway
  21. Katy

    Altador Cup

    Thanks With exams now over I should be more active
  22. Katy

    Altador Cup

    Altador Cup VI is here! Show your team some support with our new Altador Cup banners! Currently added: Altador Brightvale Darigan Citadel Faerieland Haunted Woods Kreludor Lost Desert Maraqua Meridell Moltara Mystery Island Shenkuu Terror Mountain Tyrannia Virtupets Example: You can find them here, other teams coming shortly, so stay tuned!
  23. Katy

    New Blank Banners.

    They're great ^^ So glad to have you on the team
  24. Katy

    New Userlookup!

    New Userlookup now available for use! Bleach - Hollowfied This Userlookup is fully compatable with the newest Neopets layout! Click here to view it. Edit: Two userlookups have now been recoded to work with the new layout! Beach Time Colorful Spardel Enjoy! Side Note from Stephen: After some techniqual difficulties on my end, I was finally able to update the Daily Dare Guide. This is the final few days to complete everything and you only have until Thursday, March 31st, at 11:59:59 to complete everything. SO HURRY!
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