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  1. Hi Todd, and welcome to Neotacular :) Content writers write game guides, create tutorials and the like, whereas Newsposters have their own group. Any extra help is much appreciated, so feel free to apply :) You can apply here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. I don't know if it's just me getting this, but I noticed that some links in the homepage sidebar weren't clickable. It included all Site links and some of the Graphics links, but I've only noticed this happening when the Live help button is showing Online, it was fine beforehand. I dunno if the button has anything to do with it but I thought I'd mention it anyway :P

  3. Altador Cup VI is here! Show your team some support with our new Altador Cup banners!

    Currently added:

    • Altador
    • Brightvale
    • Darigan Citadel
    • Faerieland
    • Haunted Woods
    • Kreludor
    • Lost Desert
    • Maraqua
    • Meridell
    • Moltara
    • Mystery Island
    • Shenkuu
    • Terror Mountain
    • Tyrannia
    • Virtupets



    You can find them here, other teams coming shortly, so stay tuned!

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  4. New Userlookup now available for use!

    • Bleach - Hollowfied

    This Userlookup is fully compatable with the newest Neopets layout!

    Click here to view it.

    Edit: Two userlookups have now been recoded to work with the new layout!

    • Beach Time
    • Colorful Spardel


    Side Note from Stephen: After some techniqual difficulties on my end, I was finally able to update the Daily Dare Guide. This is the final few days to complete everything and you only have until Thursday, March 31st, at 11:59:59 to complete everything. SO HURRY!

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