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Oh, this reminded me. I was wondering if we could replace the bar on the homepage with DPA, FCA etc. on it, with separate buttons of the same-ish size. I could make a button for the Daily Dare guide too. Just thought I'd post this here rather than making a new post.

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Love it! On our narrowest layout we have 400px in the content area, but I honestly can't remember which that is. There are two options: make a live help online/offline button the same as those, and I'll just set it up to wrap if it runs out of space, or make a live help bar that is short, and the width of all those combined and I'll force it under on all the layouts. I'm of course open to other ideas :)

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I like the sound of temporarily replacing the Altador Guide :D Anyways, here's the Live Help ones:



Gah, just noticed the Live Help ones are somehow bigger by about 1 or 2 px XD Hopefully it won't show, if it does I'll just correct it.

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