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TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!! I am back and in action. All News and FCA/DPA have been updated for any new news or for today's FCA/DPA. I am back and shall be updating daily. Hope you have fun catching up on what is happening in Nepopia! See you all later.

Side Note: Neotacular is still looking for some staff if you wish to apply, click here.

Twitter Reminder: Just a quick reminder to Follow Us on Twitter. This is the best way to see us when we post new news, site issues, or just feedback from a staff member if you have a question.


Neotacular has a facebook page. Search Neotacular in your search bar on facebook and if you like what you see, then like us.



While we are in the middle of the Month of Celbrating, this is just a quick reminder about The Advent Calendar. Come check out our guide and go daily to receive the wonderful items and NPs handed out daily till December 31st, 2012.

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