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So you want to be a forum moderator at Neotacular? Excellent, because we want to have you! First you should realize that there are some requirements for being a mod. You'll need to have shown the staff and members that you can spend an acceptable amount of time on the forum, and we gauge that by your post count for lack of a better method. In order to apply you must have at LEAST 20 posts on the forum. We'd also like you to check in at the MINIMUM three times a week (we'll be watching you ;) )

In order for your application to be looked at, we'll need you to fill out the following form:

Name you'd like to be called:

AIM or MSN Username:

Imagine a person has been involved in an civil argument on the forum and just posted something EXTREMELY racist, explain what you would do:

Keep in mind that you're trying to maintain the peace and get the situation under control.

Good luck in your application!

-NT Staff

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