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So you want to be a live help operator at Neotacular? Excellent, because we want to have you! First you should realize that we are currently working on a rotating schedule of who should be online at what time (this is not a hard and fast schedule, and you're free to trade shifts, etc), so you should be sure that you'll be able to devote the required amount of time to it.

In order for your application to be looked at, we'll need you to fill out the following form:

Name you'd like to be called:

AIM or MSN Username:

A person has just asked the following "I'm getting a code error on neopets when I try to use your layout, what should I do?", please respond:

Keep in mind when responding that as a live help operator, your job is to be patient with the person and to help them through their problem. They are possibly very frustrated at this point, but you will need to remain as calm as possible.

Good luck in your application!

-NT Staff

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