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Hello,My name is Todd...I am 13 years old living in Virginia...I am applying for newsposter because it's kind part of my personality...which is trying to get the news out...I currently have been using this site for doing dailies and other help...I also like this site because of its features like the X-blog (I use that everyday)...I think that this site could one day be a major Neo-related website and we could have more members...I do not have any examples of news I have made (I pretty much have a petpage I am working on so I can report news...hopefully you will let me use that as an example...I really like this site and I'm really looking to be in staff to help make the site better...Thank you for reading!

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We're pretty short on newsposters, so glad to have you stop by :)

I'm updating your permissions now, you should see staff forums shortly, post any questions you have there :)

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