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New Site Theme/Dailies Page

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Thanks to a HUGE team effort we have a couple of updates for you this evening! First off is our newly revamped dailies page. Thanks to Stephen and Todd for this great update! You can easily reach it by the button in the link bar at the top of every page, which brings me to the second item: a new link bar! Doesn't it look fantastic? We have the lovely and talented Katy to thank for this! Finally, there is a new site theme available (PIRATES! WOOT!), and it is currently set as the default! Don't see it? Try these links:

Preview Skin

Set As Permanent Skin

Reset Your Skin to the Site Default

Hate the theme and want back Katy's other lovely underwater theme? No problem try out these links for that:

Preview Skin

Set As Permanent Skin

Edit: The WONDERFUL Katy did an amazing job and added some awesome new PSP tutorials to the site:

Diagonal Lines


Hope they will help you. All the rest of the tutorials have been cleaned up.

Edit: (Part Two) The amazing Katy has been hard at work and has added an awesome and very useful guide for Kass Basher. I hope this guide is very helpful. (It helped me get the avatar!)

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