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-tries to save partially melted snowman with snowball gun-

OHHHH. Hi. Didn't see you there. So some great news. I actually did some stuff! I know right! WTF! Well anyway. The above images are actually prizes from Jubjub Power Bounce Winter Collection for 2012 and I am really digging the Partially Melted Snowman. Anyway.... To start of the new year and my crazy guide making kick that I got into today, I have gifts for you. So I updated a few Advent Calendar guides to the a more cleaner look and tallied the NPs earned that year. This way you can see what you got that year :) or what you missed out on :( . Also I updated the Jubjub Power Bounce guide for winter, seeing as it was released earlier, and I updated the Retired Jubjub Power Bounce guide for 2011 so you can see what you recieved or missed out on from all of last years goodies that were released. All the links are below:

Look for some more guides later this week. It is crazy I am really into making guides for some reason right now.... Weird!

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