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Lack of Update

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Updating News Features:


This is how TNT traps Meepits. Filling them with Juice.

As you've probably noticed, New Features hasn't been updated today. We're having some issues that prevent us from updating the site... at least that's what the Server Meepits say.

They will be working hard overnight to fix this, so we hope to have a double dose of New Features for you tomorrow. We know it's Zafara Day today, so we apologise to Zafaras everywhere for missing their special day and forcing them to celebrate with Jhudora. (We don't think she has anything to do with these issues, but you never know. We'll be sure to investigate.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- The Zaffy/Jhudora Peace Treaty Team

So tomorrow will be a big day in the news, but today Meepits supposedly are stopping news from bing posted.

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