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Neopets Premium FAQ Update

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Neopets Premium FAQ Update:


It seems that the long awaited Neopets Premium Update is just around the corner and everyone can't wait till it is released. The Premium FAQ has been updated to answer the questions that are being asked about the upcoming update.

Are changes coming to Premium?

Yes! The Premium service will be switched over and fully managed by The Neopets Team. For more information on what's changing and all that jazz, please check out the other FAQ questions in this section. (It's all too big for one question!)

Since Webmail is going away, how am I supposed to get my emails? Will I still have access?

Once the transition happens, you will no longer be able to access your Webmail account. We recommend that you forward any emails that you want to save to another email account, and notify your contacts of your new email address. We'll remind you again as we get closer to launch. We apologise for any inconvenience.

When will the switch to the new Premium service happen? When will The Neopets Team take over?

We're still working on this. We're currently hope to launch it in the next few months. *fingers crossed* If you are a current Premium member, you will receive an email with more information specific to your billing plan when we get closer to launch. We'll also keep this FAQ updated as we get closer and have more specific dates available.

Which features will be added to the new Premium service?

The features you told us were the hands-down favourites - Super Shop Wizard, no ads, random events, Premium message boards, collectable cards, Space Faerie Charm - all will be staying. Then, based on your feedback, we'll also be adding the following new features:

5th Neopet (yup, Premium members can have five Neopets)

Premium Featured Game (just like the regular featured game... now you can do both!)

Premium Notification Bar (More details to come!)

More Monthly Neopoints

On-Site Random Events

Additional Message Boards

SSW Upgrades (more searching allowed before he... um... yells at you)

Which features will be removed from the new Premium service?

Because we are no longer partnering with a third party, and based on your input, these are the features that will be discontinued after the switch:



Real-world Feeds

Internet Dial-Up Service

Aliases and Subaccounts

Will the price of Premium be different after the switch over?

After the switch over, Premium prices will be slightly cheaper, and will remain recurring. There's also a new price point!

Monthly: $7.95

Every 4 months: $24.95 (NEW!)

Annually: $69.95

Those of you who signed up at the very beginning will not see a change in pricing. Your plan will remain the same. We appreciate your continued support!

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